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The Launcher is the program that is used to control both the Local Workspace and Gateway.


When logging in to the app, the status and version of the Launcher will be indicated in the lower right corner.

The Launcher needs to be running on the local computer for the app to detect it, otherwise a message will be displayed asking you to download the latest version of the Launcher.

Launcher not running Launcher running
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Once the Launcher is installed it will automatically update the Gateway and Workspace on every restart. The app communicates with the Launcher so that the Local Workspace and Gateway can be controlled completely from within the app.

Manual control

You can always manually Start/Stop/Restart the Local Workspace and Gateway from the system tray.

alt text


If you are experiencing any issues with the local workspace or gateway, it is recommended to try the following:

  1. Close the Launcher by right clicking on the Launcher icon in the systray and pressing Close.
  2. Remove the Simumatik folder located in your user directory.
  3. Start the Launcher again. The launcher will automatically do a fresh installation of the workspace and gateway.