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Components and systems can be shared with other users within the same organization. The sharing menu can be found in the information page of the system/component you want to share.

alt text

This will open the sharing settings, where you can choose which groups and users you want to share your creation with.

Let's take a look at an example: You want to give all users in the Students group the Viewer permission, and one user (who is a part of the Students group) should have the Editor permission. Start by selecting the Students group in the drop down list, and press Save.

alt text

Open the sharing settings again, and you will see that in the Groups tab, Students have been added with the Viewer permission. Now pick the user in the drop down list and choose Editor in the right drop down list, press Save to give the user the Editor permission.

alt text

Now the user will be able to edit the component/system, even though the user is in the Students group that we only gave Viewer permissions.

The permission closest to the user will always be used when determining the share mode. So if All users have the Viewer permission, the Students group have the Editor permission, and the user is given the Viewer permission, the user will become a Viewer since that is the most specific permission level.