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Gateway download

Enter a workspace and click on the workspace menu button on the toolbar, and then select the 'Gateway' tab.

alt text

The client will detect if the Gateway is not installed and a Download button will be shown. If you click on it, the latest version of the gateway will be downloaded.

Gateway installation on Windows

Once you open the Gateway executable a warning from Windows may appear, as seen in the picture below.

alt text

In order to start the installation, please click on 'More info' and a new screen with more information will be shown.

Before continuing the installation, please double-check that the publisher is 'Simumatik AB'. Finally, click on 'Run anyway' and follow the installer instructions.

alt text

Gateway connection

If the Gateway is properly installed it will display the version and status 'STANDBY'. Click on the switch and if everything is working as expected, it should become green and the status should display 'connected', as seen below.

alt text


The Gateway updates itself on start-up, so each time you access Simumatik you will be up-to-date!