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Beckhof TwinCAT driver

Driver to communicate with Beckhof TwinCAT plcs using the ADS protocol, and the python library pyads.


Aside from the common parameters described in the communication_driver docs, this driver includes:

  • net_id: The Beckhoff twincat route to the PLC. Default = ""
  • port: Port to connect to. Default = 851

Setup data

The setup data will give values to the parameters required and will specify the I/O variables info.

    "parameters": {
        "net_id": "",
        "port": 851,
    "variables": {
        "GVL.Digital_In1": {
            "datatype": "bool", 
            "size": 1,
            "operation": "write"
        "GVL.Digital_Out1": {
            "datatype": "bool", 
            "size": 1, 
            "operation": "read"


The setup_params in the generic PLC components for twincat_ads will need the following format:

{"net_id": "", "port": 851}