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Navigation and controls


The scene is where all the elements are represented visually. The scene uses the standard engineering coordinate system: Z-up.

The axes are represented with lines of the following colors: X=red, Y=green, Z=blue.

alt text

It is recommended to use a 3-button mouse to use the platform. The minimum requirement is to have a touchpad with 2 buttons (left and right) and make use of Ctrl and Shift keys.

Select Pan Rotate Zoom
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text alt text alt text alt text
Left click Hold mid button Hold right click Move mouse wheel
Shift + Right button Ctrl + Right button


The center point used when rotating can be moved by right-clicking on a model at the point you want to rotate around.


If you click on any element it will be highlighted in the panel tree, with green color. The element variables and interfaces will be displayed on the right panel. If the Move or Rotate modes are selected in the toolbar, the axes will be displayed on the element in the scene.

alt text

Depending on the selected control mode on the toolbar, move or rotate, different kinds of axes will be visualized to show that the element can be moved or rotated. Both movement and rotation of elements can be done using the axes directly or entering the values for each axis using the tool on the workspace bottom.

Movement Rotation
alt text alt text

Keyboard shortcuts

Hotkey Function
W Move
E Rotate
Shift+D Duplicate component
Del Remove component
H Hide item
Shift+H Isolate item (hide everything else)
Alt+H Reveal hidden items
N Show/Hide panels
Shift+C Reset camera
Ctrl+0 - 9 Switch between saved camera views