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Sensor type that makes use of raycasting. The rays are casted from the origin of the sensor in the X direction.

Mandatory children

  • Shape: Ray's shape selection.

    • Var: smtk_shape_choice
    • Var: Constant
    • Possible values: "matrix", "cone", "pyramid".
    • Default: "matrix"
  • Length: The max length of the ray casted in meters.

    • Var: smtk_float
    • Type: Input
    • Default: 0
  • Vertical: The Z arrangement of the rays.

  • Horizontal: The Y arrangement of the rays.

  • Collision tag: Sensing technology used by the sensor.

    • Var: smtk_sensor_technology_array
    • Type: Constant
    • Possible values: "all", "none", "capacitive", "diffuse", "inductive", "photoelectric", "barcode", "rfid", "magnetic".
    • Default "all"


Below is a table showing which materials can be detected by the different sensor technologies.

alt text

  • Collision Status: Returns the collision detection status.

    • Var: smtk_bool
    • Type: Output
    • Default: false
  • Collision data: Returns the raw output information of the sensor. If it is a barcode or an RFID sensor, it will return the collision's data

    • Var: smtk_string
    • Type: Constant
    • Default: "none"

Optional child

  • Data writer: Add the ability to write the collision_data of another element within the ray range if enabled.