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MQTT driver

This driver allows the communication between Simumatik and an MQTT broker to subscribe and modify the different variables.


Aside from the common parameters described in the communication_driver docs, this driver includes:

  • ip: IP address of the MQTT broker. Default = ''
  • port: Port number used by the MQTT broker. Default = 1883
  • retain: Retain published topics by the driver in the MQTT Broker. Default = True
  • username: The username to authenticate with. Need have no relationship to the client id. Must be unicode [MQTT-3.1.3-11]. Set to None to reset client back to not using username/password for broker authentication. Default: None
  • password: The password to authenticate with. Optional, set to None if not required. If it is unicode, then it will be encoded as UTF-8. Default: None
  • enable_ssl_tls: Enables SSL/TLS support. Default: False

Setup data

The setup data will give values to the parameters required and will specify the I/O variables info.

    "parameters": {
        "ip": "",
        "port": 1883,
        "retain": true,
        "username": "example_name",
        "password": "secure_password",
        "enable_ssl_tls": false
    "variables": {
        "workspace/light_sensor": {
            "datatype": "str", 
            "size": 1,
            "operation": "write"
        "workspace/lamp": {
            "datatype": "str", 
            "size": 1, 
            "operation": "read"


The setup_params in the generic PLC components for mqtt_client will need the following format:

{"ip": "", "port": 1883, "retain": true, "username": "example_name", "password": "secure_password", "enable_ssl_tls": false}