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It is used to define a sensor in a link.

Mandatory children

  • Origin: Transformation frame respect to the component's frame of reference.

    • Var: smtk_transform
    • Type: Constant
    • Default: 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
    • Values info: x y z qx qy qz qw
  • Enable: Switch to set if the sensor is on or off.

    • Var: smtk_bool
    • Type: Input
    • Default: true
  • Update Rate: The frequency at which the sensor data is generated automatically. If set to 0 the sensor will not automatically update the data.

    • Var: smtk_float
    • Type: Constant
    • Default: 0.1
  • Trigger: Manual trigger of the sensor to generate data when a rising edge is detected. Use update_rate for automatic triggering.

    • Var: smtk_bool
    • Type: Input
    • Default: false

Choice child

  • Ray: Sensor type that makes use of raycasting.

  • Camera: Sensor type that can generate an image or byte-string rendering the elements in the workspace.

  • Altimeter: Sensor type that outputs the vertical position and velocity.