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Joint motor

The modeling of the motion for the joint.


  • Name: The name used when referring to this element from other places.

Mandatory children

  • mode: Defines the control mode for the joint.
    • Var: smtk_mechanical_choice
    • Type: input
    • Default value: velocity
    • Possible options: position, velocity
  • axis: Indicates the axis to be motorized.
    • Var: smtk_axis
    • Type: constant
    • Default value: x
    • Possible options: x, y, z, rx, ry, rz
  • hold: Indicates if the motor should hold its position when velocity is set to zero in velocity mode or after reaching the position in position mode.
    • Var: smtk_bool
    • Type: constant
    • Default value: false
  • value: Value for the motor control using international system of units (m , rad for position and m/s , rad/s for velocity).
    • Var: smtk_float
    • Type: input
    • Default value: 0.0
  • feedback: Value of the force/torque feedback given by the joint.
    • Var: smtk_float
    • Type: output
    • Default value: 0.0