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The drawing pages makes it possible to view and modify connections between components in a way that is identical to how circuit diagrams are made. Since the symbols are made to be descriptive of the functionality of the components, the drawing view gives a clear overview of how the system works and how the ports are connected.


When creating your own components, make sure to add a symbol if they have ports, so they can be used in the drawing view.

Drawing pages

When you are in the workspace and have a system loaded, you can switch to the drawing view by pressing the switch on the left side of the toolbar.

alt text

When you enter the drawing view, a new toolbar will appear on the right side of the main toolbar with options related to the drawing pages. To add a new page, press the Add page button.

alt text

The pages can be navigated with the arrow buttons and the home button in this toolbar. The current page can be removed by pressing the Remove page button.

Generate PDF

The drawing pages can be downloaded in PDF format, just press the Print button to generate and download the document.

Adding components

Components are added to the drawing pages by drag-and-drop from the Assembly panel.

alt text

Position, rotate and resize

Components can be positioned by dragging them around, and scaled, rotated and removed by pressing them to bring up the context menu.

alt text


Connections can be modified in the drawing view, which will give the same result as if they were connected from the Ports panel.

Making connections

To make a connection between two ports of the same type, drag from either the input to output or vice versa. This will create a line between the ports, meaning that they have been connected.

Connections made on other pages will be displayed with an arrow along with the page number and coordinate of that connection.

alt text

Removing connections

To remove a connection, press either on the arrow, or on the line that indicates the connection and then the red x symbol.

alt text