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A text geometry allows displaying text in the component. Select a font and use the different attributes to adjust its appearance. The value attribute is used to set the string to be displayed.

Mandatory children

  • Value: (str) Text to be displayed.
    • Var: smtk_string
    • Type: Input
    • Default: Text
  • Font: (str) The font used for the text.
    • Var: smtk_font_choice
    • Type: Constant
    • Possible options: helvetiker, optimer, gentilis, sevensegment, ibmplexmono
    • Default: helvetiker
  • Height: (float) Size of the text.
    • Var: smtk_float
    • Type: Input
    • Default: 1.0
  • Thickness: (float) Thickness to extrude text.
    • Var: smtk_float
    • Type: Input
    • Default: 0.5
  • Bold: (bool) Allows the text to be displayed regular (if false) or bold (if true).
    • Var: smtk_bool
    • Type: Constant
    • Default: True