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Virtual Reality

Simumatik is prepared for handling VR straight out of the box. This technology enables greater interaction for the user with their systems, which can be used in operator training for example. Once you access, if a VR headset is detected, your browser will show a pop-up asking for permissions.

Remember to calibrate the VR equipment first, refer to the documentation from the manufacturer of your VR-kit for instructions on how to do this.


Right now the VR feature is only compatible with Google Chrome. It is confirmed to be compatible with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

alt text

Next, launch a server, jump to the workspace and open the desired system. In order to enable VR support, you just need to press the VR icon in the toolbar found top-center of the screen. It is important to adjust the parameters from your VR headsets for an optimum result.

alt text

An extra-feature enabled is the ability to create a persons body from the VR headset and controller positioning. This will be really useful in collaborative systems, where several people can join and be able to interact with each other.

alt text