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To use Simumatik within your school/company, the first step is to create organization that will hold the different users. In order to so, you can ask for a quotation in the get a quotation page.

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Once you are ready to buy the subscription, you will receive a serial key to enable the organization. First, log-in with your personal account to the Simumatik app. Then click on the hamburguer menu and click on Activate Organization key.

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A modal will be shown where you can enter your serial-key. After creating the organization, your account will be added as an admin, in order to allow you inviting other users and individually control their permissions.

Every personal account has its own plan, and can also be part of one or several organizations. All the content created within the organization is shared between its participants. On log in, you can choose if you want to work on your personal space or within an organization if available:

  • When working with your personal space, the content you create is yours and it can't be accessed by anyone else. Your benefits will depend on your personal plan.

  • When working within a organization, your account inherits all the organization benefits. However, your permissions can be limited by the administrators.

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Every user with Can manage or Admin permissions will have access to the administrator view. To access this, click to open the menu on the card for the organization you want to manage, and choose Administration.

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This page will allow you to modify the permissions and roles of the existing users and invite new ones or remove them. Users are sorted in groups, when adding new users you can choose which group they should be added to.

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In order to modify the permissions, you just need to click on the checkboxes for each user to enable / disable them. These settings will automatically be saved for you.

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Furthermore, you can remove any user just by clicking on the delete icon.

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If you want to modify something for every user in a specific group, use the check boxes at the top.

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Can Create

Allows creating content and editing it afterwards. It does not allow modification of content created by other users in the organization.

Can Delete

Allows deleting any content created by you. It does not allow removal of content created by other users in the organization.

Can Manage

Gives access to the Administrator panel and allows adding / removing users from an organization and changing their permissions. It does not allow modifaction of the Admin permission


The admin permission enables the Can Create, Can Delete and Can Manage permissions by default. This permission can only be modifed by the organization owner or other admin users. They will have full control over the content, making it possible to remove or modify anything within the organization. Moreover, they are also the only ones that can publish any content.


This option allows to temporarily disable a user, without the need of removing the user and inviting again.

Invite users

The users with access to the administator panel can add new users by clicking the Add Members button.

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The seats limit specify the maximum number of users able to take part into an organization at the same time. You can add and remove any user at any time in order to comply with this restriction. Furthermore, you can also block them to also achieve this purpose.

A pop-up will be shown that lets you choose a group, and which users to add.

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To add a new group, enter a name for the new group in the top box. Or if you want to add users in an already existing group, simply select the group from the drop-down list.

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In the lower box you can enter the already-registered user email accounts, separated by a comma. Finally, click OK to add the user(s) to the organization.

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Please take into account that in order to add a new user, that user first has to create its own account and then log-in to the app at least once. Otherwise, an error will be shown saying that the user was not found.

Invited users

A user can have its own private plan and be part be part of one or several organizations at the same time. On log in, you can choose if you want to work with your personal or any organizational account you have access to.

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The administrator of an organization have the option to set a custom logotype for the organization. To do so you click the Change Logo - button, above the organization members table, and upload a new file containing your logotype.

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