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Close collaboration to deliver a truly personalized outcome with digital twins & virtual commissioning for your organization.

Experts in Virtual Commissioning and Digital Twins

Simumatik has over 20 years of experience in Virtual Commissioning and Emulation. Integrating this technology effectively into an organization brings a need for effective planning. Finding the right balance that brings the greatest efficiency and economic benefit to an organization can be a big challenge. That is why we are here. To actively help our customers take the first step.

Simumatik helps organizations to unlock the benefits of virtual commissioning and digital twins, to improve the quality, sustainability and social aspects of their products and human resource.

Unlocking Possibilities with Simumatik

Digital twins have a wide range of applications, extending beyond Virtual Commissioning. They prove valuable for tasks such as retrofitting, upgrades, staff training, and prototyping new ideas.

At Simumatik, we provide customized solutions through close collaboration with our clients. Our primary objective is to empower them as masters of this technology and its application, utilizing our platform tailored to their specific requirements. Additionally, we leverage our consultancy service to construct ready-to-use models for clients.

We offer flexibility in collaboration based on our customers’ needs. The project duration is determined by factors such as complexity, expected outcomes, and the customer’s prior experience.

Get Your First Pilot Project up and Running

We will Guide You Every Step of the way

step 1.

Awareness and


Kick off with a workshop with key project members within the customers organization. Present the capabilities and potential of digital twin technology. Define potential use cases.


Define the technical documentation and nominate personal competences that are required. Identify the key internal resources and allocate additional support if necessary. Plan how the organization can build the internal competence to master the technology to be self-sufficient.

step 2.

Planning and 

Use case


Define goals and key success indicators. Allocate internal resources for the project and stakeholder group. Define deadlines and timeplan.

Use case

Decide on the first use case for digital twin technology. Work directly on a real case, integrated to the company’s actual workflow.

step 3.

Development, Validation, and Implementation


Simumatik, together with the internal resources, develops the emulation models and provides hands-on guidance each week.


Evaluate whether the developed model can be substituted for the real system and gain “Virtual Confidence”.


Our team supports the implementation of digital twin models in your organization, ensuring seamless integration into your current workflow.

step 4.

Future work

Future work

Future work may include areas for improvement, additional features to be developed, expanded testing, scaling up the project, or conducting further research based on the insights gained during the pilot phase.

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