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The most powerful and flexible engineering platform online to enhance your students’ learning experience. Teach PLC, robot programming and much more.

Enhance Learning With Simumatik

Students can access a virtual engineering lab online from anywhere and anytime with minimal computer requirements.

Allow students access to virtual labs, anytime and anywhere.

Create your own online engineering challenges and learning content for students to access and solve.

Create your own challenges and learning content.

Simumatik gives you free access to online engineering tutorials to support your teaching.

Access free tutorials to support your teaching in our learn resource.

Engineering Online
Build Digital Labs

Build Digital Twins of your real labs using Simumatik. Avoid breakage, safety issues and limitations for your students by moving your engineering labs online.

Tutorial 2: Electric motors

Put Theory Into Practice

Support key engineering concepts and allow students to put theory into practice. Enhance student learning in basic physics principles including electricity, pneumatics and hydraulics. Support your own lessons with
access to virtual labs and give students the ability to build their own.

Teach Programming
and Control Systems

Connect Simumatik to your third-party software and teach programming for PLCs, Robotics, Python and IoT Systems. Your students will enjoy seeing their programming skills come to life in realistic 3D scenarios! Simumatik is manufacturer independent and integrates with leading third-party software.

Our Education Customers

Extra Support Available

Simumatik is here to help. In addition to our standard platform support, we also offer a range of extra consultancy services:

Bespoke system and model building.
Conducting training workshops for teams.
Collaboration on course content.
Providing guest lecturers and seminars on emulation.

Our Approach
Simumatik is completely cloud based for easy access online.

Collaborate in real-time through the cloud.

Free support for all users, whether lecturers, teachers or students.

Free support for Lecturers, Teachers and Students.

Flexible subscription options available monthly and annually with Simumatik.

Affordable price with our annual subscription plan.

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