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Testing and Validation

Test and validate various aspects of the manufacturing system, such as control algorithms, robot movements, conveyor systems, and overall system behavior. This helps identify potential issues and optimize performance before actual implementation.

Flexibility and Iterative Development

Virtual commissioning offers a high degree of flexibility, allowing engineers to easily modify and iterate on the design of the manufacturing system without the constraints of physical prototypes. This iterative development process can lead to more robust and optimized solutions.

Iteration through concept

The power to iterate through concepts using digital twins allows for rapid prototyping and real-time adjustments, ensuring solutions are optimized before implementation. This dynamic process enhances communication with customers by providing a clear, visual representation of proposed changes. Consequently, customers gain a deeper understanding and confidence in the solutions presented. Ultimately, digital twins streamline the development process, leading to more effective and satisfactory outcomes.

Training and Education

Virtual simulations are also used for training operators and maintenance personnel. They can learn how to operate and troubleshoot the system in a safe and controlled environment, minimizing the risk of accidents and downtime.

Studies and real-world examples

Reduction in Commissioning Time
  • According to a study by Siemens, virtual commissioning can reduce the commissioning time by up to 50%. This is achieved by allowing parallel development and testing phases, thus speeding up the overall project timeline.
  • Rockwell Automation reports similar results, with some projects seeing commissioning time cut by as much as 30-50%.

Cost Savings

  • The same Siemens study indicates that virtual commissioning can lead to cost savings of up to 25% on total project costs. This includes savings from reduced downtime, fewer physical prototypes, and lower travel expenses.
  • Research by ARC Advisory Group found that companies can save between 15-30% on commissioning costs by using virtual commissioning.

Improved Error Detection and Quality

Virtual commissioning helps identify up to 90% of potential errors before they occur in the real world, according to studies by Dassault Systemes. This early detection prevents costly and time-consuming modifications during the physical commissioning phase.

Case Studies and Real-World Examples

  • Ford Motor Company: By implementing virtual commissioning, Ford reduced the commissioning time of their automotive manufacturing lines by 30% and realized significant cost savings.
  • BMW: BMW utilized virtual commissioning to cut the time required for commissioning new production lines by approximately 50%, leading to faster production ramp-up and reduced costs.
  • Procter & Gamble: P&G reported a reduction in commissioning time by 20-30% across several of their production facilities after adopting virtual commissioning techniques.

Industry Reports

An industry report by Deloitte highlights that virtual commissioning can lead to a 20-25% reduction in overall project costs and a 30-50% decrease in commissioning time, depending on the complexity and scale of the project.

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Customer Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it—explore real-world examples of how virtual commissioning has transformed projects for various companies. Our case studies and testimonials highlight the tangible benefits and success stories of organizations that have embraced VC to drive efficiency and reduce costs.