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Top Benefits With Simumatik

Learn Engineering And Work With Complete Flexibility.

Simumatik gives you the control and flexibility you need to work from anywhere. Say goodbye to limited resources and the limitations of physical systems and labs. Create digital models that can be accessed and collaborated on in real-time.

Simumatik is easy to use. You don't need to be an expert in order to create digital models of real-world systems.

Easy to use

Build and use digital models like the real thing. No expert knowledge required.

Simumatik is collaborative. Allow users to connect, interact and learn together in real-time.


Allow users to connect, interact and learn together in real-time.

Simumatik is great for sustainability. Analyse component energy consumption and efficiency.


Analyse component energy consumption or life length to select the most efficient.

Simumatik allows you to scale from a simple model to an entire production line.


From simple models for educational purposes to the most advanced and complex production lines.

Simumatik's open data model means you can build any system or component you can imagine.

Open data model

Build anything you can imagine using our component level data-model.

Simumatik has an entire library of components to choose from, and you can create, distribute and reuse with our entire community.

Shared libraries

Create, distribute and reuse components with the entire community.

Simumatik is cloud based meaning you can reach your work from anywhere and anytime.

Cloud based

Reach your work from anywhere and anytime, share it with others or keep it private.

Simumatik's server and client operate on the most popular operating systems and browsers.

Cross platform

Both the server and the client run in the most popular operating systems.

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