Simumatik – Advanced simulation, digital twin technology

The Simumatik Platform

Advanced simulation, digital twin technology

Not your average simulation software

The Simumatik Platform puts the power of digital twin technology in your hands. Why settle for limited scenario simulations, when you can create a virtual system that behaves exactly like the real thing.

Whether your goal is cost and time savings in industry, or getting closer to new technology in education, the Simumatik Platform gives you a competitive edge in the Industry 4.0 age.

Digital twin applications

Industry Professionals

An increasing demand for flexible production. An increasingly complex system of interdependent digital tools. Manufacturers and industry professionals face these challenges daily. 

The Simumatik Platform goes further than existing simulation solutions, supporting your entire production life-cycle through virtual commissioning. Use the platform to:

  • Reduce physical commissioning time and costs.
  • Reduce errors and production downtime.
  • Retrofit old systems and optimize current.
  • Develop and test PLC and robot logic.
  • Train operators and engineers in a safe environment.

Education Professionals

Keeping up to date on new technology. Managing teaching resources. Dealing with a growing demand to make your course accessible remotely and online. Professionals in technical education have to manage these challenges.

The Simumatik Platform solves this, giving your students the flexibility to create, program and test any system or component from anywhere. Use the platform to:

  • Give students 24/7 access to a cloud-based resource.
  • Digitize your physical labs.
  • Put key engineering concepts into practice.
  • Collaborate on systems in real-time.

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Our global server network ensures our users get the best experience when accessing online workspaces from any location. Our ambition is to make digital twin technology accessible for all through the cloud, so businesses and education have total flexibility.


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