The Open Emulation Platform

Welcome to the next generation tool for virtual commissioning.

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  • Simumatik Cloud
  • Emulation Server
  • Communication Gateway
  • Multiple Clients

Get ready for Industry 4.0

Simumatik is the tool that finally helps you integrate the use of emulation in your actual workflow, with the minimum effort. Our scalable solution adapts to different types of users, from big corporations to educational organizations.

Work more efficiently and deliver higher quality

Simumatik allows you to develop accurate and sustainable solutions thanks to its flexible component modelling level. You will be able to work more effectively, collaborate and share your models with anyone involved in your projects, from customers to operators.

The most flexible and scalable
virtual commissioning tool

Create digital originals to support the entire life-cycle of your automated solutions

Easy to use

Build and use the emulation model as the real one. No expert knowledge required.


The server-client architecture allows several users to connect and interact in real-time.


Analyse component energy consumption or life length to select the best one.


From simple models for educational purposes to the most advanced and complex production lines.

Open data-model

Our component level data-model gives you the power to build anything you can imagine.

Shared libraries

Create, distribute and reuse components with the entire community.


Reach your work from anywhere and anytime, share it with others or keep it private.


Both the server and the client run in the most popular operative systems.

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