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Address your challenges as an education professional

As a professional in technical education, you are challenged daily to deliver the most engaging and relevant course you can. The need to keep up to date with the latest technology innovations, whilst managing the resources you have, can be difficult. 

This, coupled with a growing demand for online learning and remote access from your students, can create accessibility challenges.

The Simumatik Platform gives your students the flexibility to skapa, programmera och testa any system or component in key engineering areas.


Top features in education

Emulate your lab
Emulate your lab and set practical exercises traditionally taught on hardware.
Skapa egna komponenter.
Library of leading edge industrial components, and the ability to create your own. From the fundamentals to Industry 4.0.
24/7 Access
Cloud delivered solution. 24/7 access for instructors and students to teach and learn anywhere and anytime.
Instructor Dashboard
For management, access, collaboration and lab exercises.
Include assets
To enhance your virtual labs. Instructors can embed anything from a pdf to a video, or a PLC program and much more.


The University of Sheffield, UK

The University of Sheffield is using the Simumatik Platform to emulate their physical lab set up, greatly improving accessibility and the experience of their students. Watch this video and see how they’re working with it.

Our education customers

Globala kunder inom industri och utbildning


Need extra support?

Simumatik is here to help. In addition to our standard platform support, we also offer a range of extra consultancy services:

  • * Skräddarsydda system och modellbyggen.
  • * Utbildningsworkshops för grupper.
  • * Samarbeta med kursinnehåll.
  • * Gästföreläsare och seminarier om emulering.

Unlock the benefits today

Ge eleverna tillgång till virtuella labb, när som helst och var som helst.

Skapa din egen utmaningar och innehåll i undervisningen.

Få tillgång till kostnadsfria handledningar för att stödja din undervisning i vår lära dig resurs.

Samarbeta i realtid. via molnet.

Snabb support för föreläsare, lärare och studenter.

Kostnadseffektiv lösning med vår årsprenumeration.