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What is Emulation?

What existing and future needs does it address?

Ready For Industry 4.0

Emulation Is Part Of The Changing Technological Landscape.

Industry 4.0 is bringing digital transformation to all organisations. It’s affecting education, it introduces new tools and technology, and it changes the way we work.

As part of the nine technologies transforming industry defined by the Boston Consulting Group, emulation brings greater opportunities for lowering costs and reducing production downtime. Virtual models of real-world systems can be created and used to support entire system life-cycles.

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What is Emulation?

The Next Step From Simulations.

Many people get confused between simulation and emulation. They’re usually seen as quite interchangeable terms. However, while simulation provides a way of testing the basic behaviors of a system, emulation goes further than this.

Emulation allows you to duplicate an exact component or system like the real thing. The only difference is that it exists in a virtual environment, rather than the real world.


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