Modelling the Future of Education

Ohio University

Ohio University with support from a grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration is actively developing its curriculum, introducing new technology and tools, to enhance its engineering educational offer and adapt it to the ongoing Industry 4.0 revolution.

Success Story​

We have had the pleasure to collaborate with Ohio University through the last year developing a “Virtual smart factory” so they can use Simumatik´s digital twin technology in mechatronics, PLC, and robot programming courses. This has been a big step forward in our long relationship which has brought very interesting results. “

"We truly believe that digital twin models created with the Simumatik platform are a powerful tool to teach students different engineering skills. It allows us and our students to work more efficiently, but most importantly, it provides them with the experience and additional skills to be prepared for their future jobs"
Jesús Pagán
Associate Professor

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