Virtual Commissioning Using Simumatik

Kornit Digital

Kornit Digital is a leading manufacturer of inkjet high-speed machines for the textile industry. Their innovative concepts and machines have improved the sustainability effects of the textile industry, by minimising waste and water consumption. 

Success Story​

Kornit Digital contacted Simumatik to work on a project to build a digital twin during the development of a new machine. A model was developed and commissioned during the pilot project with the Simumatik consultancy team.

The project continued with the modelling of the rest of the machine. The Simumatik consultancy team and the engineers at Kornit Digital were working close together to ensure the experience in modelling could be shared within the team.

The required components in the system such as encoders, sensors and conveyors were modelled. Similarly, the engineers at Kornit Digital started to develop the plc program for the machine. The components were built in a way so that given the same input as the real system, they would respond with the same outputs. The system was put together like the real one, with the components in the same positions and with the same connections between them. The Beckhoff TwinCAT software was connected to the Simumatik Platform and the emulation model was validated against the real machine. Once the model was built, the PLC- and Software-teams could start working with the digital twin for development in an early stage. Due to the cloud-based sharing capabilities of the Simumatik Platform, several engineers have been able to develop their part of the plc program with the same model in parallel.

" With the creation of the digital twin, we are now able to develop the Operation Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) before the machine is fully functional, which ensures higher quality and productivity for us "

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