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Dec 18 2020
New Update
– New datamodel feature: Apply forces in other components with force_source.
– New components: PLC Rack + several digital/analogs IO cards. Check the libraries!
– Server: Performance improvements for loading systems in the workspace.
– Gateway: Performance improvements and ocpua driver’s bottleneck is now fixed
– App: Performance improvements in the workspace.
– App: More general UI fixes and improvements, mainly in the Component Editor.
– Component Editor: Add support for ports in 3D
– Organizations admin panel: Support members grouping.
– Organizations admin panel: Support adding members in a batch.

Nov 27 2020
New Update
– New server feature: Trigger a product entry using an electric signal
– New server feature: A new Serial Port is now available to allow components communication
– New app feature: Transfer components between different accounts
– New app feature: Clone component just with a click
– New components: Sensors, buttons, etc. Check the libraries!
– Improvements: Performance improvements in our components, server and app

October 15 2020
New Update
– Minor improvements to the pneumatic components
– New component: Light beacon (4 colors)
– New hydraulic components:
Tee manifold
Pressure control valve
Plunger activated valve

October 14, 2020
New Tutorials: Component Editor Tutorials – Tutorial 1, Tutorial 2, Tutorial 3
– Start building your own components!
Learning page structure redesign: Now it’s way easier to find the content you need
Learning page print button: You can now print the different pages easily

October 12, 2020
New Showcase System: Maze Runner
– The goal is to program in Python the logic for an autonomous robot with a sensor so it can reach the exit.

Don’t forget to share a video if you manage it!

October 5, 2020
New Components: Pilot Controlled & Pneumatic Flow Control Valve
– Pilot controlled 3/2 way valve
– Pilot controlled 5/3 way valve
– Pneumatic flow control valve

August 16, 2020
New Feature: Component Editor released in Beta (Organization Plans)

August 15, 2020
New Showcase System: Hydraulics Control Theory Basics

August 13, 2020
New Tutorial System: Hydraulic Circuits Tutorial 6
Click here to read more.

August 11, 2020
New Feature: Organization Admin Panel is now online

August 11, 2020
New Feature: Splash screen on loading for local server launcher.

August 5, 2020
Update: Library Components
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July 6, 2020
New Feature: Publishing Public Content
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