Develop and deliver automated solutions through virtual commissioning

Reduce risk, time and costs with the Simumatik Platform

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or System Integrator, you know how to design, build and program automated solutions.

The Simumatik Platform gives you a tool to create digital twins of critical parts and the entire solution. Connect it to your actual control system to virtually commission it.

Virtual commissioning can be carried out before or during building the real solution, reducing risks, time and costs

The Simumatk Platform

Top features for professionals

The Library and Component Editor gives you leading edge industrial components, and the ability to create anything you want.

The simple and easy to use Simumatik Gateway gives you the freedom to connect to any 3rd party software, including Siemens Tia Portal, CODESYS, ABB RobotStudio and Robot DK. 

Simumatik is manufacturer independent. Integrate with any manufacturer and industry leaders such as Siemens and Allen Bradley.

VR ready. Connect your headsets directly to the Simumatik Platform and train multiple operators on new systems at the same time in an immersive and safe environment.

Real-world physics emulated. Your systems and components are programmed and behave as they would in real life.

Unlock the benefits today

State-of-the-art emulation, helping you build accurate digital twins of your automated systems.

Improve your businesses sustainability throughout your production life-cycle.


Retrofit old systems, minimize risks and costs without affecting production.

Collaborate in real-time with colleagues from anywhere through the cloud.

Free support for any user part of a professional subscription.

The most competitive solution available with our annual subscription.