The Simumatik Platform

Enhance your entire manufacturing life-cycle with digital twin technology.

As a professional in original equipment manufacturing or system integration, you and your team are familiar with designing, programming and building automated solutions. Some of the challenges you face around this include design uncertainty,  programming errors and downtime in physical commissioning.

This, coupled with the increasing complexity of digital tools, as well as a need for flexible production in the Industry 4.0 age, can be painful.

The Simumatik Platform gives you and your team a powerful and accurate solution for creating, programming and testing any system or component you need. Use the platform for:

Case study

Batz is a world-wide supplier of premium solutions for the automotive sector.

Batz contacted Simumatik to work together on a project to build a digital twin of a servomechanical press. The press is used for hot forming.

The goal of the project was to create a digital twin that would allow the company to quickly iterate through future improvements and designs. This would ultimately allow PLC programs to be be tested to ensure no set backs or faults.

In addition, the project was a good opportunity to try out new improvements to the overall production process. Operator training using virtual reality (VR) was also carried out in an emulated scene.

With the creation of the digital twin, Batz are now able to study production set up changes quickly and efficiently, allowing them to look at further automation solutions and production capacity.

Key features

Built for flexibility and easy integration.

Our customers

Used by global companies.

"We had a very enriching experience working with the Simumatik Platform. We have achieved a complete digital twin of our machine, which enabled us to find some errors in our programming. The collaboration and the help provided to reach our objectives by the Simumatik Team was fantastic."

Patxi Goicoechea, Engineer Loramendi

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