The Simumatik Platform

Cloud-based engineering software for innovation and creativity

Choose Simumatik as your solution

Industry 4.0 is here, and many organizations are taking advantage of digital tools to improve their workflows and stay competitive.

Simulation software (and more advanced emulation), is a key technology of Industry 4.0 which allows organizations to reduce costs, reduce downtime, and improve their go-to-market speed.

That’s where the Simumatik Platform comes in. It can help you shape greater sustainability and efficiency for your organization. It’s packed full of innovative features, allowing you to explore new opportunities, work more effectively, and bring amazing value to your organization.

Platform Features

Easy to use and flexible

The component editor gives you the ability to create any component you want. Seamlessly model geometry, physics and behaviour of any component.

Designed by engineers and following a natural ‘component-based approach’ you connect components together to build a system, just like you do in real-life.


Compatible with leading operating systems

Accessible across the most popular Apple and Android devices, and Windows and Mac operating systems.

For best browser experience use Chrome or Firefox and ensure adblockers are disabled.

For more information on minimum system requirements check out our manual here.

Collaborate and Share

With an organization subscription, you and your team can work together in real-time from any location. Collaborating has never been easier!

Even when you access our platform as an individual you are never alone. Take advantage of published public components to use straight away in your project, or modify them to create new components. Become part of our user community.

Cloud-based and accessible

We believe that sharing computer resources is more sustainable and cost-effective. That is why we give the flexibility to run the Simumatik Platform on your local computer, or through cloud-based computer power on demand.

With the cloud, your work is always safe and accessible from anywhere and anytime. All you need is a device with an internet connection and a web browser.

Limitless integration

Unlike other solutions, Simumatik is platform independent. Where others set limitations, we offer opportunities for integration. Our Gateway creates a bridge between the model and third-party hardware or software. It is easily expandable and can be used to communicate with control systems, such PLCs or Robots, IoT infrastructure, or any standard or custom made protocol.

In addition, the emulation server offers an API which allows total control over the model. This allows cross-platform integration to automate everything you can imagine, without even opening the UI. Load and run models, automatically generate models, automatize control logic testing, or carry out different types of optimization. You set the limits!

Check us out on YouTube

Want to see more of the Simumatik Platform in action? Check out our YouTube channel, where you’ll find tutorial content, webinars and extra info!