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Tutorials 2-5: Automated systems

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In these tutorials you will:

  • Practice your programming skills against some prebuilt systems.
  • Introduce products using a Product Entry.
  • Introduce several systems on the workspace to build more complex configurations.

System descriptions

Each time you load one of the tutorial systems into the workspace, read its description, and download its assets. Among the assets, you will find the technical drawings and the IO List. Then navigate through the components in the tree and the scene to explore the system and get an overview.

Product entry

Some systems include a product entry component, which allows the user to generate components during the simulation.

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This component is highly customizable and a more in-depth look will be available in the Manual section. When the emulation is running, right-click this component and click on "Drop" in order to create a new item.

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Load several systems

If you want new challenges, you can put together several systems in the workspace. Just load the systems and then place them as you want by selecting them in the left panel and then activating the 'Move' mode on the toolbar. Use the arrows to position the systems to your liking.

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If you are not using several controllers to control each system and you want to use the same, just make sure you use different input and output variable names for each 'PLC' object on the workspace. I.e. 'inputs_1' and 'outputs_1' for the first PLC, 'inputs_2' and 'outputs_2' for the second PLC, etc.

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