Launching an emulation server

Once you have logged into the app, you can navigate to the server page. On this page, you can open the menu with the floating button to launch an emulation server in the cloud.

alt text


Online emulation servers are disposable and they automatically die after some predefined time. See more information about lifetimes in plans and features.

The server launch will take from 30 seconds up to a minute. Once the server has started, you can access the workspace with the following button.

alt text

Once the lifetime of the emulation server is over, it will display a STOPPED message to inform you. To launch a new emulation server, just remove the old emulation server using the trash button and launch a new one following the steps above. The stopped server records are cleaned up every hour.

alt text


The button to create a new emulation server won't appear until the current emulation server is removed.

You can learn more about the emulation server in Manual>Server>Emulation Server section.