Features (Cog)


Our Digital Platform provides you with an innovative, easy to use and cost-effective solution to learn and develop systems.

The Most Flexible And Open Platform Available

Simumatik use’s a unique data model that offers the most flexible and freely-available platform around. Unlike other solutions, we don’t restrict our users creativity or ability to integrate other hardware or software. Our Digital Platform follows a component-based approach, meaning it’s completely scalable to your needs. Learn about PLC programming, robotics and key engineering concepts with ease.

Freedom To Innovate

We give you the freedom to explore and create any system:

Simumatik's Component Editor allows you to create an exact digital replica of a physical component.

Component Editor – create anything using our editor. Model the visual and geometrical aspects of your component, replicate real-world physics, create interface ports for hardware and software connections, and define the logic and behaviour to bring the component to life.

Our Component Library allows you to pick existing electrical, mechanical and robot components.

Component Library – pick existing electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and robotic components from our public libraries and start building your system.

Simumatik is manufacturer independent, meaning we integrate with a number of leading third-party software.

Manufacturer Independent – Simumatik offers connectivity to many different PLC, robot manufacturers and software. We integrate with OPCUA industrial standards for controllers, ABB Robot Studio and RoboDK. We are continuously working to add connectivity to additional hardware and software for our users.

Freedom To Collaborate

Total access and flexibility working with your project team or research group:

Simumatik is a cloud-based platform that allows users to work anytime and from anywhere. Collaborate with colleagues in real-time.

Cloud-based Platform – you can reach your work from anywhere and anytime. Accessible from your browser on any device, connect to our global server network. Publish systems and work in real-time in collaboration with your colleagues or research partners.

Learn With Us

We support distance learning and provide free tutorial content:

Simumatik is perfect for online and distance learning. The platform requires minimal computer performance.

Online and Distant Learning – our platform is perfect for online or distance learning. Simumatik’s Open Emulation Platform doesn’t have big computer and system requirements, meaning it’s accessible for students and remote colleagues. Educators can easily share and collaborate on systems, and we also provide free tutorials covering the basics of our platform, electric circuits, PLCs, Robots and much more! Just visit our Learning Pages.

Sustainability First

Our platform provides a sustainable solution for your organisation:

Plan your entire life-cycle – save resources through virtual commissioning and reduce costs and downtime. Monitor energy consumption of components.

See how Simumatik can benefit your organization.