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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions on getting started, subscription options and technical settings:

Getting Started

What’s the difference between working locally and computing on demand?

We give our paid users two platform connection options. Both have the same functionality:

Local workspace – installed onto your computer directly, you can take full advantage of your devices performance. The local workspace reduces internet connection requirements and there is no time limit for access. Find the walkthrough to installing here.

On demand – as an alternative to direct installation on your computer, you can access one of our globally located servers that best matches your location. Find details here and check your subscription plan for your credit allowance.

Can I install the local server multiple times?

Absolutely, the local server can be installed on multiple computers in your network. Also any student or remote colleague can install on their personal computers or laptop. For a step by step walkthrough to install the local server go to our learning page here. If accessing for the first time and you need to connect 3rd party software you’ll need to install the gateway too. Further details can be accessed here.

How do I use my cloud-computing credits?

When you launch an online workspace, you can select how many hours you want to connect for. Your credits are then taken from your credit balance. Any time remaining that you don’t use, you will get your credits back. For example, launching an online workspace for 4 hours (4 credits), but only using 2:34 hours, gets you 1 (rounded) credit back.


How many students can access an Educational Subscription?

As an initial allowance, we give 100 seats as part of an Education organization account. We do offer more if you need them, which we cost on an individual basis. Get a quotation directly from us based on your requirements.

How do I manage users in my Organization Account?

Both Education and Enterprise accounts work in the same way. Use a default user for the organization (e.g.  to purchase the subscription and act as the administrator. Then, invite, add or remove users linked to your organization anytime you want. For example, when a course or a project finishes, you can remove existing users and set up for your next one! You can also set different user permissions, giving different levels of access. All users you want to invite will need to create their own personal user account, which they can do via sign up on our website.

Can I manage cloud-computing credits for users in my organization?

As an organization admin, you can set maximum usage limits for any members so you have total control.

When I invite a user it says the account doesn’t exist. What can I do?

Make sure that the user you have invited has logged into the platform at least once in order to successfully invite them. Also control the spelling of the email address to the user again. If you are still having problems, contact our support and we will help you.

Is there any access limitations for users in my Organization Subscription?

No, users can use all features 24/7.

What happens to user accounts I remove from my Organization?

For both Education and Enterprise, when you remove a user from your organisation they will lose access to your private content, but still keep their personal user account.

Can I be part of multiple organizations at the same time?

Of course! You have the ability to jump from one organization to another using your personal account. Please be aware that an organization account cannot  be added to other organization accounts. 

Will I loose my cloud-computing credits at the end of my subscription period?

If you do not use all your credits during the subscription period, these will roll over to the next. Maximum credit roll-over is stated in your subscription plan.


Do I need to use a credit card for the 1-month free trial?

Your 1-month standard plan free trial doesn’t require you to input credit card details to begin, so it will not renew automatically when this has ended. If you choose not to enter a payment method to keep your paid standard plan, your account will automatically be downgraded to a basic plan where you will loose access to all paid features.

What is a basic plan?

A basic plan allows you to keep any content creations, but restricts you from modifying it and creating new content. You loose access to all paid features. On the other hand, basic plan accounts can still be added to an organization and access all their paid features.

How can I pay for my subscription?

You can pay monthly by credit card for our standard subscription plan. Education and Enterprise annual subscriptions are paid via an invoice. To get a quote for your organization click here and fill in the information required.

Please note there is no difference in price with payment methods.

If I want an Enterprise or Education Organization account, do my team members need their own subscriptions?

If you have an Enterprise or Education account for your organization you have a number of seats dedicated. Your team members do not need their own subscription. All they need to do is sign up and create a user account. Even when the trial period is over, basic plan accounts can still be added to your organization and access all paid features.

Are there upfront costs or additional fees?

When you subscribe with us, we will take payment for the month or year upfront, depending on what plan you are on. All upgrades and maintenance to the platform are free.

Can I upgrade or downgrade at any time?

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time by logging in to and selecting the upgrade button. You can upgrade your basic plan to our standard paid plan when your initial free trial is over, or you can contact us for a quote when you’re ready to set up an Education or Enterprise organization and collaborate with others. When you decide to upgrade or downgrade, you will be charged straight away based on the new plan selected, regardless of where you are in your billing cycle.

Will my subscription automatically renew?

Individual standard plans are billed monthly and will automatically renew at the end of your monthly billing cycle. You can cancel at any time before this date to ensure it doesn’t carry on to a new month.

Organization plans in Education and Enterprises that are invoiced annually will not renew automatically. We will contact you in advance of your renewal date with the option to continue or cancel.

How much is it to buy additional cloud-computing credits?

We make sure your initial subscription credit allowance included is enough to support most individuals and organizations. However, if you do need to purchase more our pricing is:

500 extra credits = 25€

1,000 extra credits = 50€

5,000 extra credits = 250€

1 credit equals 1 hour. contact us directly for purchase.

5000 extra credits = 250€

What is your cancellation policy?

If you decide to leave us you can cancel anytime via your account page. Monthly plan customers will be charged up until the end of their current billing cycle, where they will continue to have access until the account is closed after this date. Annual plan customers will retain access to the platform up to the end of their annual billing cycle. Simumatik adheres to the EU 14 day cooling off period for new annual plan customers. If you wish to cancel within the first 14 days of your annual paid subscription, you will get a full refund.

Updates and Technical

How are the servers and platform updates carried out?

All updates are automatic and free for paid users. Local server installations will search on launch for the latest version and automatically install them. The online server will always be up to date, meaning the user doesn’t need to take any action.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for?

No problem. Contact us directly and we’ll help you as best we can.