Simumatik for Professionals

Helping engineers in industry develop and deliver automated solutions efficiently.

Simumatik for Professionals

Simumatik brings state-of-the-art emulation technology to help system integrators, OEMs and manufacturing companies build virtual models of automated systems:

  • Reduce lead time from design to implementation with virtual commissioning.
  • Create virtual models to evaluate new technologies and validate your prototypes quickly and cost effectively.
  • Use our platform to retrofit old systems and minimize risk and costs without affecting actual production.
  • Continuously upskill and train operators, technicians and engineers in a safe virtual environment.
  • Enable co-creation of models and collaborate in real-time anywhere, thanks to our cloud-based platform.
  • Afforable price with our annual subscription.
  • Free support for all users.

Industrial application

Get started with Virtual Commissioning

As an OEM or System Integrator, you know how to design, build and program automated solutions. Simumatik offers you a tool to create a digital model of critical parts of the entire solution, and connect it to your actual control system to virtually commission it. 

You can do it during or even before the real solution is built, reducing risks, time and costs.

Painless retrofitting and upgrades

When your automated systems get outdated or need to be upgraded to reach Industry 4.0 standards, you will need to replace components and reprogram the logic. 

Create a model of the original system in Simumatik and apply the modifications to it. Then validate the new solution and avoid unnecessary production downtime.

Train operators in a safe environment

Use the models previously created in Simumatik for Virtual Commissioning or build specific ones to train operators without affecting real production. Simumatik supports virtual reality use, and offers an immersive environment where even multiple operators can interact in real-time with each other. 

Case Study – Jernbro

Jernbro Logo

“The ability to virtually test our programming and new systems has huge potential for us as a business and our ability to increase operational efficiency. In addition, Simumatik’s VR features could help us achieve greater results in operator training and safety. We see this activity as critical to the industry over the next few years and in the development of industry 4.0”

– Martin Bratt, AGV Product Manager

Jernbro are market leaders in industrial maintenance in Sweden and develops their own Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems. They have deep, extensive knowledge of production and technical systems across multiple industries.

As a forward-thinking business, Jernbro wanted to investigate the use of virtual commissioning for their AVGs. The goal here was to see how virtual commissioning could reduce programming lead times and cost, in a safer and more accessible way.

The action taken was to virtually recreate an AGV TC70, a vehicle specifically designed for ergonomic assembly of heavy duty truck engines within a factory.

Simumatik’s Open Emulation Platform was used to virtually recreate the complex mechatronic structure, ensuring physical attributes such as mass, friction, inertia and tensility matched the physical version. Virtual programming was also tested so that the actions and movements of the vehicle could be reproduced.

The investigation resulted in key insights into how virtual commissioning could be applied to other areas of the business, and how to address current commissioning set up challenges. This has put Jernbro on a clearer path towards further developments in efficiency.

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