Providing educators and students with a powerful and collaborative tool to enhance their learning experience.

Academic Application

Simumatik has been created for College, BSc and MSc students studying engineering courses. This includes electrical and mechanical engineering, as well as intelligent automation and robotics. It allows students to virtually construct complex components and systems in a simple and collaborative way.

An entire production cycle, or automated solution, can be virtually commissioned and tested with simulated real-life physics, component energy consumption and system interactions.

It’s even VR compatible as standard, allowing you to put yourself right into your creation!

Engineering Student

Course Administrators & Lecturers

Cost-effective tool to supplement your engineering educational programmes.

Unlimited users under one account, giving all students free access.

Real-time collaboration giving students and lecturers flexibility in the classroom or online.

Developed by Electronic and Robotics Engineers and PhD Candidates.

Undergraduates & Postgraduates

Free user account set up. Invited to full features by the admin.

Cloud-based. Accessible through your web browser. Low computer requirements.

Used to support student thesis or dissertation.

Support material access. Regularly updated.

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