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As a professional in technical education, you are challenged daily to deliver the most engaging and relevant course you can. The need to keep up to date with latest technology innovations, whilst managing the resources you have, can be difficult. 

This, coupled with a growing demand for online learning and remote access from your students, can create accessibility challenges.

The Simumatik Platform gives your students the flexibility to create, program and test any system or component in key engineering areas:

Case study

The University Of Sheffield.

See how our customers at the University of Sheffield use the Simumatik Platform to improve student accessibility for their Robotics & Automation Lab:

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Developing a digital twin of the lab has greatly improved student accessibility. Students can use the digital twin to write exactly the same program as they do in an actual PLC, then download to the visual controller. Wherever students are, they can connect to our PCs remotely and control from home. We've been able to remove equipment access limitations and improve flexibility for students.

DR. Payam Soulatiantork

Key features

Total control & ease managing learning content.

Our customers

Used by universities globally.

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