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Close collaboration to deliver a truly personalized outcome with Virtual Commissioning & Emulation

Experts in Virtual Commissioning & Emulation

Simumatik has over 15 years of experience in Virtual Commissioning and Emulation. Integrating this technology effectively into an organization brings a need for effective planning. Finding the right balance that brings the greatest efficiency and economic benefit to an organization can be a big challenge.

That is why we are here. To actively help our customers take the first step.

Simumatik helps organizations to unlock the benefits of virtual commissioning and emulation, to improve the quality, sustainability and social aspects of their products and human resource.

Our Approach

Emulation models have diverse applications. Apart from Virtual Commissioning, it can be used for retrofitting, upgrades, training staff or prototyping new ideas.

At Simumatik we offer a personalized solution by closely collaborating with our customers. Our ultimate goal is to make them the master of this technology and its application using our platform, ensuring it’s focused on their specific needs.

Depending on our customers’ needs, we can collaborate in a number of ways. The duration of the project will also depend on its complexity, the expected outcome and the previous experience of the customer.

Our Approach

Emulation Pilot Project 8 Key Steps

We like to meet our customers, understand their problems, analyze their competence, their needs, and their expectations with the technology. We offer our experience to work together on a pilot project and support our customers all the way from the beginning to the end:

#1 Awareness

Kick off with a workshop with key project members within the customers organization. Present the capabilities and potential of emulation technology. Define potential use cases.

#2 Planning

Define goals & key success indicators. Allocate internal resources for the project and stakeholder group. Define deadlines and timeplan.

#3 Pilot

Decide on the first use case for emulation technology. Work directly on a real case, integrated to the company’s actual workflow. 

#4 Resources

Help our customer to understand which is the technical documentation and personal competences that are required. Help identify the key internal resources and allocate additional support if necessary. Plan how the organization can build the internal competence to master the technology to be self-sufficient.

#5 Development

Start the development of the emulation model. Provide continuous support during the digitization process. We offer additional resource and support from a dedicated engineer charged out per hour, to help in the development, validation and implementation phases.

#6 Validation

Evaluate if the developed model fulfills the expected functionality and if it is suitable for the use-case. Compare the model’s results against the “original” or real system Achieve “virtual confidence” and continue with the project. 

#7 Implementation

Support the customers implementation of the emulation model and carrying out the expected task. For us it is crucial to make sure that the models are actually used, so the customers can see the results of and obtain the expected outcome.

#8 Future Work

Once the pilot project is finished, we analyze the results and achieve the goals. We help our customers to draw conclusions, identify potential improvements, work more effectively, find new use cases and draw a plan to finally integrate this technology into their organization.

If your organization is interested in collaborating on a project please do not hesitate to contact us.