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Gateway Update – 3rd Party Connections

March 2021

Available as open source

The Simumatik Gateway is a tool for allowing interaction between the Simumatik platform and any 3rd party software or hardware.

RIght now, our customers mainly use this to connect their systems to PLCs (Codesys, B&R, TIA Portal, etc.) and Robotics programs (RoboDK, RobotStudio, etc), but we also support other uses such as generic UDP communication for example. You can see more information in our third-party integration learning section.

The gateway has now been released as open source, meaning you as a user can develop and contribute your own drivers for any connections you want to make.

Our latest Gateway developments include:

  • Cleaning-it up and preparing a good contributing ecosystem in order to publish it as Open-Source.
  • Adding additional support for new platforms including MQTT client, S7Protocol and CPRog CRI.

You can access the Gateway code or contact us if you have further questions / feature requests in our Github repository.