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Progress Report

February 2021


Welcome to this month’s progress report, where we keep you up to date on the latest platform developments. We’ve compiled these top headlines to let you know the most important updates the Simumatik Team has been working on.

1) New Interface Launched

We’ve listened to our user community and we’re excited to launch a new interface for the platform. These changes are designed to improve our user’s experience, help them work more efficiently, and make it easier for onboarding new team members.

a) New start page

Now it’s easier than ever to pick whether to work privately, or as part of an organization. 

The new start page also makes it clearer to choose between using a local server or a cloud server, to optimize the users’ experience and make sure they can select the best connection.

b) New platform look

The Simumatik platform itself has been updated to make it easier for users to navigate between systems and components, while keeping the workspace central.

2) Paid Plan Updates & Free Trial

We’ve worked on simplifying our paid subscription plans for our users, so that we can give individuals greater access to paid features and a more attractive offer. The Explorer and Professional plans have now been replaced with our new standard plan.

Going forward, we’re giving new and existing users a free 1-month trial. This gives you the chance to try out all of our standard plan’s paid features.

If you’re an existing user you can sit back and relax, we’re upgrading your account automatically and we will email you when this is live.

3) Activating Organization Accounts

Enterprise and Education organizations are no longer associated with an individual account, but set up independently. Therefore, your purchase and set up is now different.

Once you receive a detailed quotation from us by email you can make a direct bank transfer. When we receive payment confirmation we will notify you and send a unique activation-key to you by email.

With the activation-key, you can log in to your personal account at, click the top right menu, then click “activate organization key” to input it. Here you will enter a name for the organization as well.

4) Easier Organization User Management

Now organization administrators can easily manage their members. The improvements include the possibility to add several members at the same time, by copying/pasting their email addresses, and the ability to group them separately. An example being the ability to separate students of different classes. In addition it is also possible to move members between groups by reassigning them.

Add several members at the same time.

Move members between groups

So there you have it! Some simplifications to improve our users’ experience with the platform. As always we’d love your feedback on how you find these latest developments. You can feedback by contacting us directly here.

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