We Challenge You, Future Engineers!

August 6, 2020

Are you an aspiring engineer, or interested in automated systems and robotics? Then we’re giving you the chance to win a free 1 year Explorer subscription.

With our Simumatik Explorer plan you can build, test and connect systems to third-party software & hardware. Learn about electrical and pneumatic components, PLC programming, energy consumption and much more.

The Challenge

We are challenging you to put your creativity to the test by designing a draft system on our platform. The Simumatik Team will be judging all entries on:

  • How well designed, thought-out and complete it is. (Bonus points for creativity!)
  • The rationale and thinking behind your system, it’s purpose, and use of assemblies and components.

The Rules & How To

Follow these simple steps to submit your challenge entry:

Step 1 – Create your free login account here to get basic access.

Step 2 – When logged in, click on the go to platform link, connect to a server and use the default future engineer challenge! blank system as your start. You have a maximum time of 2 hours connected to the server to create a system, so think about what you will do first and get familiar with the platform. You cannot save your creation, but you can always reconnect and start a new session after 2 hours if you want! How much time you spend on it is up to you!

Step 3 – Go forth, and create your idea!

Step 4 – Take a screenshot or video of your creation, write a brief description of it’s purpose and your thinking, then post this to either your Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn account using the hashtags #simumatik #weareengineers

No dodgy, inappropriate content or bad language will be accepted, so be proud of what you create and attach your name to!

We will be announcing the top 10 winners on Monday the 31st August 2020 over email and social!

Need Help?

It wouldn’t be a challenge if it was totally easy right? You can find step-by-step help and guidance in our Simumatik learning pages. This will talk you through using the platform and how to access our component library.

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